Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Where are the quilts??

September 13, 2005 - Maui Gas Price today: $3.99 for regular.

Where are the quilts, you ask. Well, between starting the new job, a few visitors, a new kitten and general chaos in our work-in-progress house, I haven't had more than one moment to work on anything remotely related to fabric.

Did I mention our remodel fell through? Thanks to the county, who changed the zoning in our neighborhood in 1997 unbeknownst to us, our addition would have been within the new 15ft setbacks. So, no expanded living area and no sewing studio. Ergggh. As a result, all of my fabric and sewing gadgetry is stacked in the laundry room and garage, waiting for the day when we can figure out a solution to our space issue. Thankfully, I can still access it when I need to.

I have 4 projects in motion right now, begging to be finished: a chemo quilt for another family member stricken with cancer, a quilt for the Quilts, Inc. project (www.quilts.com), my self-portrait for Quilting Arts magazine, which must be postmarked by Thursday, and my guild's mystery challenge which is due at the October 4th meeting.

Last month, my new friend Barbara Murak (www.barbaramurak.com) came to visit and did a presentation for our guild. She left me with a beautiful piece of hand painted fabric and one of her Solvy creations to wash out. I can't wait to play with that, either.

Lastly, I have my newest quilt drafted and ready to go. My friend Joan let me use her overhead projector back in July to enlarge and trace it onto pattern paper. It's about 6'x5'. Once I find a place to pin it up, I'll post a pic.

So, for now, be patient with me. I'll have new quilt stuff posted soon!

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