Tuesday, October 21, 2008


My day job has been taking a great deal of my time lately. This isn't necessarily a bad thing and I'm not complaining since I'm happy with where I work and what I do, but it isn't leaving much time for anything else! That will all change at the end of the month when my quarterly reports using the new accounting system will be done and I can finally PAUSE and take a breath.

I plan to attack the aganpanthus quilt border this weekend. I was able to visit my friend Joan (who has a fabulous, spacious studio) and square up the background, getting ready for borders. I will cut them out and sew them on this weekend and start the hand applique with the blossoms. How I MISS the peace, quiet and steady rhythm of hand applique! I am really looking forward to this next step, which needs to be completed NO LATER than the end of November so I have time to quilt and finish it, photograph it, and get certain show entries on their merry way. Something to look forward to in the new year!

Our art quilt group meets tonight - Barbara Douglas from Stone Cottage Designs will be giving a demo with Presencia Threads. We are all waiting with patient excitement to see what she will bring! Then, next month, the incomparable Jane Sassaman will be here for a 3-day workshop AND a lecture - just the thing to kick off the holidays in my opinion!

So, I am hanging in there, shoveling through the numbers. I'll be back soon!

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