Friday, May 02, 2008

Hana Sunrise

Quick peek at the latest commission: Hana Sunrise.  

I'll post a whole lot more this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely magnifient!! I think each time you finish a piece, it is prettier than the last!


Robin Ferrier said...

Super Dianna! Please show a detail shot if you can. Your quilting is always fabulous, but this picture doesn't show the detail well. I hope to have another piece for you in the next couple of days - the kids have to go away for a little while...ha,ha,ha!

Anonymous said...

What beauty in simplicity. It too bad others can't 'feel' and 'see' the beauty of this piece. The feel of the fabric and the impeccable quilting are a perfect match to make this a true 'Work of Art'.

Good Job as usual.


Karen said...

your quilting in this is exquisite!Look forward to seeing more soon!

Bev said...

gee whiz - you and Robin in combination is like one plus one is way beyond 3 - this piece is so beautiful in the photograph i hope to see it in person. Exquisite quilting! Kudos! Wow! Bev

Christina said...

That is so beautiful, Thank you for showing how it went together.