Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Got a Date for Me, Dad?

Please don't get the idea that this is a regular occurrence at our house!

Bruce recently finished this great little kitchen seat and table, and I finally got the cushions done last week.

This morning Cody hopped up on the seat and sat himself next to Bruce uninvited. The little computer cursor caught his eye and this is what resulted!

We're going to have to sit on the ends of the seats for awhile to discourage this from happening again but, you have to admit, it is cute!


Teri said...

Hi Dianna,
It IS cute! I had a lab when I was young, they always keep you on your toes don't they?

Katie said...

Isn't it a good thing they are least most of the time! :-)

suzietee said...

I have a yellow and chocolate lab and this is one of the cutest pictures I've seen. I love my lab and it would be hard for me to discourage her from sitting down next to me. Good luck - you are disciplined.