Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Celebration of Hawaii Show at Viewpoints Gallery

I received the email version of the postcard for the upcoming Celebration of Hawaii show today, and guess who's on the back?

Honu III! The show opens on Sunday, January 20, in Makawao, at Viewpoints Gallery.

I've decided that Honu III is going to be the last in this design, but not the last of the series. I have other ideas for sea turtle quilts - I just have to take more pictures and do more sketching. I'm also working on a second quilt for the show - a single flower version of my Night Light quilt - but I've got a lot of work to do in a short time.

If you are visiting Maui during the show, please drop by for a visit. It runs through Tuesday, February 12.


PaMdora said...

Congratulations on getting your work on the cover! It's a great piece, no wonder they featured it.

Twisted Sister said...

Congratulations on the exhibit. I love the colors in your piece - it truly captures the treasures in Hawaii. Good luck in the show!

Diane said...

Congratulations on having your work featured on the show announcement! Sure wish I could get over to see it. I hope you'll take lots of pictures of the opening and post them for us to see!

Susie said...

Please keep me up to date on your quilts and your Sea Turtle series.
I am so very impressed with your work. What talent. I am going to add something in my Blogspot - I hope that is OK - if not - let me know.
Hope to meet you someday soon.

Susie Russell-Melendez
Las Vegas, NV 89135