Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Trouble with Fabric Choices

This is the central fabric I picked for the last part of my class. I'm not sure I've done the right thing! I may scrap the whole bit and go with something completely different tonight after I talk with my friends at our guild meeting.

I'm just not sure I'm getting the pizzazz I want from the color choices. I've always wanted to do a brown/neutral quilt, but I'm not sure if this is the right combination.

Here are the other fabrics I've pulled so far:

What do you think?


Paula, the quilter said...

The only thing I can see that would bring a 'spark' is that purple. Maybe you could pull something of the same color as that orange in the flower? Just my 2cents worth.

Anonymous said...

Just another 2 cents... :-) I really like the "brown" palette, much more so than the "lines and curves" one. Subtlety can be much more intrigueing than boldness, if it's done right, it can just draw you in. I do agree with paula that maybe a "purple" would be a nice touch but I would suggest a muted one like a plum or eggplant (nothing bright). Leave the orange in the flower for the brightness, just like they are (flowers) in real life. Maybe a little dark, brick red, like wet roof tiles. I saw this pallet a LOT in rainy europe!! Your eyes adjust to the overall dullness of the whole picture and then you pick up the COLORS! They're always there, you just have to LOOK. Sorry guess that was more like a dimes- worth... :-) Good luck, the whole thing sounds exciting!! Keep us voyeurs hanging on with some pictures OK??? :-)

Anonymous said...

I just sent you some swatches of my hand dyed colors. I could bring them all to lunch but if you think that a particular one calls to you....let me know. love, joan

Kim Hambric said...

I agree with Paula and Debra, the purple may be a great idea & a "subtle" orange (if there is such a thing). I recently made a wallhanging with browns & purples & I absolutely loved it. I was like a kid in a brand new candy store.

By the way, Honu III is about the most stunning quilt I have EVER seen.

Unknown said...

I would add the orange and orange flowered (pictured on the bottom photo)to the middle selection. I like that combo.