Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I purchased some new feet for my "old" 160 this year, in anticipation of my Art Quilt Tahoe class with Carol Taylor next week. One is a #21 couching/cording foot, which is the cause of my frustration.

I haven't had a need to use it this year, so it has been sitting in my sewing box, waiting for class. Last night I was working on my challenge quilt for AQT and, low and behold, I needed to couch something! I was so excited to use my new foot and clipped it on the machine. My excitement dimmed, however, when I realized it is not the correct foot for my model. ERG! Instead of the needle lining up with the zigzag hole, it lines up with the hole the couching thread goes through. Thankfully I noticed this BEFORE I began sewing and busted a needle.


I've never liked the fact that their machines come with so few feet included, and each additional foot is SO EXPENSIVE! And why make feet that are so similar but aren't transferable? Think of the investment you make in feet over the years, then you get a new machine and WHAM - your feet are not transferable to the new machine. If you are changing the design, change the numbers so you don't think they all fit the same.

So, I am off to our Bernina dealer today to buy a NEW #21 for my 160 - hopefully they have it. Thankfully I discovered this error before going to class! I'll have to test my other feet tonight.

And I'll have to put my old #21 back on eBay where I got it. RATS!

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katelnorth said...

Not that I'm accusing Bernina of this, but what I hate is "planned obsolesence" - where they do it on purpose so you have to buy new attachments (or whatever). Grr. Expensive, annoying, and totally environmentally unsound.