Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Killer Cat Attack

Cody and I take our morning walk, usually before the sun comes up. I enjoy it because it's quiet, there are no cars, no barking dogs, etc. Cody enjoys it because, well, he's a dog. It's nice. Usually.

This morning we started out and, as we were cruising up the street minding our own business, we saw a cat stroll into the middle of the street about 200 ft in front of us. Then, out trot three kittens, probably about 7-8 weeks old. Momma is sitting in the middle of the street looking at us, then pops up and starts to stroll in our direction with kittens in tow. She's prancing along, tail up, like a friendly little kitty (a lot how Ginger acts).

Cody is in a sit, watching patiently. He's not a cat attacker (he's a Lab, for heaven sakes!), just curious, but he stays still better in a sit. I think to myself, "OK, let's not bother the kitties, we'll just go out and around them on the other side of the street." Right.

Just about the time we become parallel with momma kitty, she freaks out, bares her teeth, and runs hissing and spitting at Cody and me. She's darting in and out, coming closer and closer, flattening herself on the ground, teeth bared, claws out. Then, she rushes Cody and jumps on his back, going absolutely crazy. I'm freaking out! This damn cat is attacking my dog! Cody yelps and sprints around me on the leash and finally the cat jumps off, which gives me just enough time and room for a squirt of pepper spray. I push the button and a tiny squirt, followed by *sigh*, and there's no more pepper spray, but she got just enough of a whiff to chase her off.

We trot up the street, then she comes back at us again and I have to throw the empty pepper spray can at her (and miss) and she scoots off into the bushes.

HOLY CRAP! Talk about a wake up call in the a.m.

I have never seen a cat attack like this unprovoked. She had kittens, so I understand her need to protect them, but this was unbelievable. We gave her a wide berth, but she had it planned all along. She was probably scoping us out before we even saw her coming.

Cody and I got away relatively unscathed - I was mostly worried for his face and eyes - but she didn't draw blood. Thank goodness for his thick coat!

I have a mind to find out who this cat belongs to and give them a piece of my mind. I would have done it this morning, but I was so afraid of being attacked myself, that I didn't go back. If she's a feral cat she needs to be picked up. She's a menace!


Robin Ferrier said...

Goodness Dianna! What a story! Yeah, I agree if the cat is feral she needs to be picked up. Just think what would have happened if you were strolling a toddler! Thank goodness Cody is alright.

paula, the quilter said...

Poor Cody! Labs are so laid back I bet he was scared. I wonder what got into that cat?

Sande said...

I was just thinking the other day that I hadn't seen any Cody updates lately (he has his following, you know!) But that's sure a stressful one...I'm so glad he wasn't hurt. Wonder if he'll ever trust a cat again?

Aimee said...

This just happened to me and my dog. I was at my sisters house and the cat attacked my dog for no reason.

The cat bit and scratched my legs when I tried to protect him.

My dog is fine but I have a few wounds. I don't think I like cats anymore.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting. My dog was just attacked by a random outdoor cat. It was dark so I didn't see any kittens.... But that would explain the crazy behavior. I too have never seen anything like this. I just hope the cat didn't have rabies... Even though my dog is current on all shots