Friday, August 10, 2007

We're in Jackson

We've been through Yellowstone and Grand Teton parks and seen tons of wildlife!

Bruce shot a picture of this buck as we were leaving Wind River Canyon on the way to Cody at the beginning of the trip. A beautiful 5-point, still in velvet.

We are having a good time although find Jackson to be a very stuffy and kind of obnoxious town as far as the people go. However, we did have dinner at a family restaurant called The Virginian last night, which was friendly and delicious and reasonable!

We're on our way back through Utah today, then on to Dad's in Bullhead.

Will post more soon.

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Anonymous said...

Great photo....the things mainlanders take for granted - is the wildlife. I really miss it. Everyone laughs when I get excited over seeing a squirrel!
Glad you are enjoying it so far - isn't it nice to explore new places. Every state is so different and has its beautiful spots. Miss you and look forward to seeing you and your pics when you return. Enjoy! Love Janey